Documentary Family Photography

Do you wish you had more photos of you as a kid with your parents or grandparents? How about we make some for your kids?

I give you natural, real life photos of you and your kids enjoying everyday life together. 


Can you remember the last time your heart melted while being with your kids, perhaps it was when they were playing a game, baking cakes or telling a story together, wouldn't it have been great to have a photograph of that very moment that you'll be able to look back on a remember forever? The smiles, the laughter, the emotions, well that's what I can offer you through my documentary family photography.

Most people think that family photography is standing in front of a backdrop where a photographer is asking you to smile on cue while you're standing in a specific pose. 

Family photography doesn't have to be this way, imagine being able to relax at home, being yourself, the kids playing like they always do, now that sounds more appealing doesn't it? 

I capture natural authentic photos of you and your family interacting with each other, no posing requiring, just be yourselves, have some quality time together. 

Day in the Life Photography

Documentary family photoshoots usually start at your home, a place you love and are comfortable in. We want to document normal life together in your natural environment, nothing staged or posed, just be yourself and enjoy quality time together. Then we can go out for a walk, a trip to the park, do some baking, etc. basically any activity you normally do together. 

The minimum time to document family life would be a 2-hour session, this is just enough time to get photos that show the real you interacting together as a family.

4-hour sessions are for documenting those longer family activities, plus it allows more time for you to feel relaxed and less camera aware.

A full day in the life session documents family life from getting up to going to bed. 


Session fees begin at £125 for a 2-hour documentary (slice of life session) and all the fee can be put towards photographic products.

4-hour and full day in the life sessions are also available for those who want to capture and remember more of your family life.

Products start at just £20.