Documentary Wedding Photography


Documentary Wedding Photography

I provide documentary wedding photography in Nottingham and across the UK. I document those special moments that naturally occur while you, your family and friends celebrate your marriage. I strongly believe that your lasting memories of your wedding should be of love, fun and laughter with your family and friends.

Documentary wedding photography or you might have also seen wedding photojournalism and reportage, they basically mean the same thing, it's all about capturing the natural moments in a candid way. This means I can tell a story of your day, from morning till night and all the raw emotion in between. 

Brides are often worried about being the centre of attention, so on your wedding day just relax, be yourself and enjoy the day. After all you'll be surrounded by your loved ones, so go have fun and celebrate.




My Approach

I'll capture the emotion and the character of your day as it happens, most of which you probably never even knew happened. I'll capture the day just as your guests would have experienced it. 

This all leads to photographs that capture the real expressions and emotions of the day, not staged versions of them. So I'll be looking out for your nan trying to throw some shapes on the dance floor, for uncle Bob sliding on his knees like your 4 year old nephew, or for that tear in your mum's eye when your dad gives you away. 

I dress like a guest, I'll act like a guest (well almost), I'll walk and talk to guests and capture moments of most people probably didn't even know happened. 

I use small professional cameras that don't scream photographer beware, cue cheesy smile. I'll capture their real expressions. 

Details are important too. Those special wedding favours, the flowers, the centre pieces, the dress. They're just as important as your guests, telling the story of your wedding day and what i'll be capturing throughout the day.

Bride laughing at her dad's speech during the wedding, taken in black and white. Photographed at Colwick Hall, Nottingham

Black and White

As you look through my images, you'll see a clear preference for black and white photography. I just love it! I really feel that once you strip away colour, especially in people photos, the people and their emotions become more obvious and appealing.  

For me black and white photos have a timeless quality to them.  

I still photograph in colour though, it all goes back to my role of telling the story of your wedding day. If I think a photo works best in colour, like your wedding flower's or a rainbow for example then I'll definitely choose the colour version. When colour helps tell the story of your wedding day colour photos will definitely be used. 

But don't worry, I photograph in both colour and black and white, I'll choose the version that I think works best for that particular photo, but if you wanted to see the colour version, or the black and white version of a colour image, I can totally do that for you, no problem at all.

Groom laughing with his new bride after the ceremony with confetti, taken in black and white. Photographed in Stapleford, Nottingham

The very best photos

My service as a wedding photographer is to carefully choose the very best images, and lovingly edit them so they look great in your album.


I believe that a photo only truly exists once it's been printed, that's why most of my collections include an album. I believe so many people have their wedding photos on a CD or hard drive and never look or share them. The photos from your wedding day need to live on, they should exist for generations, they should become a family heirloom. 

The albums I offer are from one of Europes leading professional photo lab. Your album won't fade, the photos are printed to the highest quality available, you're truly getting a gorgeous album that will last.

Service is a big part of what I offer my wedding clients, so as well as providing only the very best images, I'll also pre-design your album with the images that I think tell the story of your wedding day the best. This really takes the hassle out of choosing and positioning your photos in the album.

The pre-designed album is of course only the starting point, we'll work together to make any alterations you want, but you'll be pleased to know that the hard part is taken care of for you.

Natural Pre-Wedding Engagement Session  

Natural pre-wedding engagement portraits are something a bit different to what you'll find elsewhere. I describe them as 'natural' because I'll photograph you together in a natural candid way, just like I'll be doing during your wedding.


Every wedding is different and I want to understand exactly what is and isn’t important to you so I can tailor a package that suits you perfectly. Having said that though, to give you an idea my pricing starts at £995.

Lets Talk

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Flower girl smiling in church, taken in black and white. Photographed at Brimington, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.