Why I document Family Life

Documenting family life

I document because I want to remember the actual moments that matter, that quality time we have as a family, it's those moments that I want to revisit again and again.

What does the word 'pose' mean to you? For me it means asking someone to put on an act for the camera. 

That fundamentally isn’t me, I’m more of a what you see is what you get kind of person. Authentic, genuine, real, natural.  

Looking back at my childhood, I would always have a disposable camera, not always with me, but when we did something as a family or went on holiday that camera came with me, in my own way back then, I was documenting events and times in my life. These often revolved around my family. When I look back at those photos, I see real moments that I can remember.  


When I was in my teens, I brought my mum a gift voucher for a family photo shoot at a photography studio in Nottingham. We were asked to take a couple of outfits to wear and an item that represents us. At the time I didn't really know what to take with me, there wasn't anything specific that represented me. In the end I took a golf club as I occasionally played golf. 

So when I look back at those photos on my parents wall, I don't see the real me or my family, it just reminds me of what we had to do for the shoot, not the natural happy moments together like I captured with my little disposable camera or the type of photos I produce now. Ultimately, I'm remembering the experience I had when I look at the photos, whether it was the awkward unnatural photos taken in the studio or the family fun natural photos of my childhood. 

Documentary family photography capturing the whole family playing together. In black and white.

One of the problems of taking all the images yourself is that you're hardly, if ever in the photos with your family. If you want photos of your whole family, including yourself you need to hire a family photographer. Seriously, consider hiring a documentary family photographer to capture real memories of your family experiencing quality time together.

If you'd like me to document you and your family, get in touch, I'd love to get to know you.