Dog Portraits - What to Expect (Studio Style)

Dog Portraits - What to Expect (Studio Style)

So you're interested in a studio style portrait for your dog or dogs, fantastic, these are great little shoots where you'll come away with beautiful portraits of your fury friend.

What can you expect to happen? 

Matt Dryden - Candid Street Portrait

Matt Dryden_01_Daryl Porter Photography.jpg

Meet Matt Dryden, he works at Quarter Barbers in Nottingham City centre, Hockley to be more precise. 

I managed to get a rare Saturday afternoon out to do some street photography. I met up with local photographer Peter McConnochie, otherwise known as the Urban Scot! Peter brought his 12 year old son along to do some street portraits for a school assignment, very cool!

After meeting up in the Old Market Square, we took a walk down to Hockley, Peter and his son grabbed their first portrait of the day and as we decided to head back into town I passed Matt, sat outside the barbers taking a break. 

Well his unique style was something I just had to shoot, so I asked if I could take his photo, sure he said. I told him to act normal and go back to what he was doing. So I captured a few frames, showed Matt the back of the camera (black and white picture style already set) and told him if he liked the picture to email me. I gave him my card and later that day Matt asked for the photo to put on his Instagram page. 

That evening I processed the images and sent Matt a couple of photos, he loved them and this image is now on his Instagram page. 

This was again taken on the Fuji X100s, a great street camera. Although last Saturday was the first outing for the Fuji X-T1, but I'll leave an image from that camera for next time.