Meet Lola - Chihuahua Jack Russell Cross or Jack Chi For Short

Meet Lola - Chihuahua Jack Russell Cross or Jack Chi For Short

This is Lola, she's a cute tanned Chihuahua cross Jack Russell or what is more fashionably known as a Jack Chi. Lola's 3 years old and she's been given a lovely home with Lisa her owner after she was spotted in a rescue centre.


Meatball (what a fantastic name!) is a Bull-Pei puppy with loads of energy and a love of cheese. After setting up, Meatball wanted to explore what was going on and along with a little bribery (cheese) he duly posed (very briefly) for some wonderful images. 

One of the interesting things about Bull-Pei's is that they have coloured markings under their tongue and I was delighted to be able to capture these markings as Meatball (can't get enough of that name) licked his lips, see some additional photos below. 

 I enjoyed the shoot so much that I can't wait to take more dog photos soon. So if you'd like a portrait of your dog, get in touch and arrange a portrait session with me and your dog today!

Laura and Ian

Laura and Ian are good friends of mine who are getting married in April.

Before the wedding, its a great idea to get some practice in front of the camera. Engagement photo sessions allow you to become comfortable having your photo taken while being close to your future husband/wife; you also get used to taking photographic direction, which helps make the big day run smoothly and you'll come away with some beautiful images that you can use for invitations or put on your wall.

For Laura and Ian's engagement shoot, we went to Wollaton Park, Nottingham. Wollaton Park has it all, a beautiful old hall, well kept gardens, woods, a lake and tons of photographic opportunities. 

We had a great time shooting wonderful images in different locations around the park. Our time together flew by and Laura and Ian love the resulting images. 

If you're looking for an engagement shoot, first congratulations, and secondly, get in touch to book a session.