Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Back in June I had a free afternoon to myself and I decide to create a self portrait.

I had an idea of what I wanted to create and the final result turned out to be pretty close.

Firstly, as you might know I love black and white photography, so it had to be in monochrome. Secondly, I wanted both light and shadow in the frame, but crucially with light in both eyes.

I used a fast shutter speed to limit the amount of ambient light, this created the black background. To do this while using a flash can be difficult, it all depends on the amount of ambient light and the camera's flash sync speed. Fortunately this is one area that the Fuji X100S excels in with it's leaf shutter. It was sync at any speed. However, to achieve high sync speeds you need to use either the built in flash, a infra-red flash to trigger any off camera flash, or use a hotshoe cable. For this shot I actually used the Yongnuo 603C trigger (really affordable) and managed to get a sync speed of 1/500 second. 

I used my Nikon SB700 flash in the 60x90cm Phottix Easy-Up Umbrella Softbox with the Grid.

If you're interested in having your portrait done, get in touch.