Jack and Poppy - two peas in a pod

Jack and Poppy - two peas in a pod

The moment I arrived to take their photograph, they were in the window waiting, they appeared to be cats, was I at the wrong house? I checked, nope, I’m at the right place, so I got out of the car, then there was no mistaking them for cats anymore as they barked away.

Meet Pepper the Labradoodle

Meet Pepper the Labradoodle

Pepper is a lovely 10 month old Labradoodle, with beautiful black fur. Unlike some Labradoodle's Pepper has straight hair, not curly.

Matt Dryden - Candid Street Portrait

Matt Dryden_01_Daryl Porter Photography.jpg

Meet Matt Dryden, he works at Quarter Barbers in Nottingham City centre, Hockley to be more precise. 

I managed to get a rare Saturday afternoon out to do some street photography. I met up with local photographer Peter McConnochie, otherwise known as the Urban Scot! Peter brought his 12 year old son along to do some street portraits for a school assignment, very cool!

After meeting up in the Old Market Square, we took a walk down to Hockley, Peter and his son grabbed their first portrait of the day and as we decided to head back into town I passed Matt, sat outside the barbers taking a break. 

Well his unique style was something I just had to shoot, so I asked if I could take his photo, sure he said. I told him to act normal and go back to what he was doing. So I captured a few frames, showed Matt the back of the camera (black and white picture style already set) and told him if he liked the picture to email me. I gave him my card and later that day Matt asked for the photo to put on his Instagram page. 

That evening I processed the images and sent Matt a couple of photos, he loved them and this image is now on his Instagram page. 

This was again taken on the Fuji X100s, a great street camera. Although last Saturday was the first outing for the Fuji X-T1, but I'll leave an image from that camera for next time.