Dog Portraits - What to Expect (Studio Style)

Dog Portraits - What to Expect (Studio Style)

So you're interested in a studio style portrait for your dog or dogs, fantastic, these are great little shoots where you'll come away with beautiful portraits of your fury friend.

What can you expect to happen? 


Meatball (what a fantastic name!) is a Bull-Pei puppy with loads of energy and a love of cheese. After setting up, Meatball wanted to explore what was going on and along with a little bribery (cheese) he duly posed (very briefly) for some wonderful images. 

One of the interesting things about Bull-Pei's is that they have coloured markings under their tongue and I was delighted to be able to capture these markings as Meatball (can't get enough of that name) licked his lips, see some additional photos below. 

 I enjoyed the shoot so much that I can't wait to take more dog photos soon. So if you'd like a portrait of your dog, get in touch and arrange a portrait session with me and your dog today!

Lily - 6 Months

I loved Lily's portrait experience, those big blue eyes are just mesmerising, I could have spent all day photographing her. While those big blue eyes are so beautiful I still love my monochrome photos, they offer a real timeless quality that I just can't get enough of at the minute. Here are 4 of my favourites from the portrait experience.  

Lily turned 6 months old when I shot her portrait experience; having my own son around a similar age as Lily, I can't believe the change in him just a few months later. I'm so pleased I was able to captured Lily at this age and I hope her photos last her a lifetime. 

As part of my new year resolution, to share more of my photos, I'll be posting loads more photos to my blog in the coming weeks, I hope you enjoy.