Poppy - Smash the Cake

Poppy loved her smash the cake photo shoot for her first birthday and so did I!

I have to be honest, I didn't know what a 'smash the cake' photo shoot actually meant, then Kim, Poppy's mum, showed me a few examples. It looked like such fun, so I jumped at the chance photograph the special occasion.

As you can see from the above photos Poppy really enjoyed herself! Most surprising to me was she seemed more interested in the small pieces on top of the cake and the few bits that got away from her, than the big cake in front of her! Poppy's dad broke off a piece for her to really get stuck into, this certainly helped make the photo shoot more messy and much more fun! 

After 20 minutes Poppy was all caked out, mum and dad quickly got a bath ready and before you know it, everything, including Poppy, was nice a clean again. 

I'd love to do another smash the cake session in the future, they're so much fun.

If you're interested in having a smash the cake photo shoot for your little one soon get in touch via the Family Portraits page.