Lily - 6 Months

I loved Lily's portrait experience, those big blue eyes are just mesmerising, I could have spent all day photographing her. While those big blue eyes are so beautiful I still love my monochrome photos, they offer a real timeless quality that I just can't get enough of at the minute. Here are 4 of my favourites from the portrait experience.  

Lily turned 6 months old when I shot her portrait experience; having my own son around a similar age as Lily, I can't believe the change in him just a few months later. I'm so pleased I was able to captured Lily at this age and I hope her photos last her a lifetime. 

As part of my new year resolution, to share more of my photos, I'll be posting loads more photos to my blog in the coming weeks, I hope you enjoy.  

Water Fuel

Water Fuel

I now take a camera with me 95% of the time, where ever I go! 

This was one my the main reasons I brought the Fuji x100s, it's small, perfect for street photography, and the image quality is fantastic. More on the Fuji x100s another time.

The x100s comes with me on my daily cycle to work. My route to work takes me through Beeston Marina, Nottingham on the banks of the river Trent. These fuel pumps look so old and over the years I've been cycling through the marina I don't think I've ever seen them in use. 

I took quite a few shots on my journey home on that day, the lighting was beautiful, great clouds in the sky and I had some spare time for a change, so I took my time going home and made the most of it. 

This was shot in raw and I used the Velvia camera calibration in Lightroom to give the colours some punch. 

As you may have seen from my first blog post, I've recently become a father, 5 weeks ago today in fact. Things are starting to settle down and I'm having slightly more time on my hands to work on my photography again, so there's more to come in the coming weeks.