Ethan Smash The Cake

Ethan celebrated his first birthday with a smash the cake photo shoot taken by his daddy.

It was a slow start with Ethan choosing to pick the chocolate balls off the top of the cake instead of digging in, but once he'd been shown the way (by his chocolate loving mummy of course), he really enjoyed some yummy chocolate cake! The shades really topped things off.

Ethan loves to laugh and smile and he duly entertained us during this photo shoot. 

Of course a bath was needed straight after, but as Ethan loves his baths, I think this was close to being Ethan's perfect day!

It's amazing how quickly a year goes, Ethan has transformed in front of our eyes into a wonderful little boy, who brings us joy each and every day. 

Here's hoping that the next year will see even more fun, laughter and happiness with our little boy.