Milo and the Terriers

Milo and the Terriers

Milo is a good looking Springer Spaniel, he was so well behaved as well, in fact he loved having his photo taken, it was poses galore. Milo lives in a pack of four dogs, although their owner Stef might describe them as a pride, as they're her pride and joy. The other three dogs are all Terriers so I think Milo has developed lots of patients over the year which has stood him in good stead for the photo shoot.

Milo lives with Terriers Lucy (Jack Chi), Jess (white and tan Jack Russell) and Holly ( black, white and tan Jack Russell)...

Baby Isabelle Porter

Isabelle, my daughter, was less than 2 weeks old when I took these photos, the ideal time to take newborn photos.

It's ideal because under 2 weeks old babies sleep, they sleep a lot, and when they are asleep they're often in a deep sleep, which means it's easier to place them into different positions. 

I did the same thing when my son Ethan was born, in fact you can see his newborn photos in my portfolio and on the blog.  

After making the room nice and warm and after getting Isabelle nice and settled I came away with these shots. Everything went smoothly and thankfully there was nothing the clean up after either, result, she was the perfect model and I love her to bits. 

Expect to see more photos of Isabelle over the coming months. 


Meatball (what a fantastic name!) is a Bull-Pei puppy with loads of energy and a love of cheese. After setting up, Meatball wanted to explore what was going on and along with a little bribery (cheese) he duly posed (very briefly) for some wonderful images. 

One of the interesting things about Bull-Pei's is that they have coloured markings under their tongue and I was delighted to be able to capture these markings as Meatball (can't get enough of that name) licked his lips, see some additional photos below. 

 I enjoyed the shoot so much that I can't wait to take more dog photos soon. So if you'd like a portrait of your dog, get in touch and arrange a portrait session with me and your dog today!