Smash the Cake - Isabelle's 1st Birthday

Smash the Cake - Isabelle's 1st Birthday

Isabelle definitely enjoyed her smash the cake photo shoot for her first birthday a few weeks ago!

As you can tell from the photo's Isabelle takes after her myummy for her love of chocolate. I was really surprised that she didn't just go crazy and start grabbing and smashing the cake in any big way, but she did grab a few good chunks and stuff her face.

Life and Photography

Life and Photography

Wow what a busy month it's been. The Porter household has returned to a fully functioning transport system for our two children.

Me and Claire are both back at work full time, which has meant the kids are back into the routine of grandparents and child minder child care while we're doing our 'day jobs'. 

Baby Isabelle Porter

Isabelle, my daughter, was less than 2 weeks old when I took these photos, the ideal time to take newborn photos.

It's ideal because under 2 weeks old babies sleep, they sleep a lot, and when they are asleep they're often in a deep sleep, which means it's easier to place them into different positions. 

I did the same thing when my son Ethan was born, in fact you can see his newborn photos in my portfolio and on the blog.  

After making the room nice and warm and after getting Isabelle nice and settled I came away with these shots. Everything went smoothly and thankfully there was nothing the clean up after either, result, she was the perfect model and I love her to bits. 

Expect to see more photos of Isabelle over the coming months.