Fuji X100s

Family Meal

I just wanted to share a few photos of Ethan following a family meal we had today. We were out celebrating Ethan's Granddad's birthday. 

Ethan was on good form as usual, providing some great expressions, including a new one, the sticking out his tongue. We were lucky enough to be sat in a great location within the pub, lovely window light and a great lamp behind Ethan providing a lovely rim light. 

I particularly love the final image where Ethan just wanted to relax, resting his head on his hand.

Palmed Light

Palmed Light

Spotted on a recent break in Blackpool, UK.

We recently had some lovely weather, and what do Brits like to do when the weathers nice, we head to the coast of course! We were brave and decided to take advantage of the weather, so we took our 1 month old son for his first trip to the coast and went to Blackpool, the vegas of the north!

While I took plenty of photos of our little one I also kept an eye out for street images, whether that be interesting people or interesting scenes. This was taken in Blackpool's main shopping centre.

Once again, this was taken on the Fuji x100s, which the more I use it, the more I love it! It's small, silent and perfect for wandering the streets. I particularly like it's small form factor, as the wife doesn't moan quite as much as she did when I carried my big DSLR around with me. If I'd taken this image with a DSLR, I may have been stopped by security, but because of the form factor, you blend into the crowd, you're just a tourist with an old looking film camera, harmless.

The X100s now comes with me everywhere I go!

After it's form factor the reason this camera comes with me is because... well it's because its currently my only camera! I sold all my Nikon gear while the second hand market in DSLR's still holds some value.

I'll shortly be adding to my Fuji kit and the X-T1 and a couple of lenses are high on my shopping list! The only problem is the X-T1 and lenses are so sought after they're currently out of stock. Here's hoping it'll be back soon. The X-T1 and the 2 lenses, 10-24mm and 56mm will provide very different photographic opportunities to the X100S, but more on that another day.

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Water Fuel

Water Fuel

I now take a camera with me 95% of the time, where ever I go! 

This was one my the main reasons I brought the Fuji x100s, it's small, perfect for street photography, and the image quality is fantastic. More on the Fuji x100s another time.

The x100s comes with me on my daily cycle to work. My route to work takes me through Beeston Marina, Nottingham on the banks of the river Trent. These fuel pumps look so old and over the years I've been cycling through the marina I don't think I've ever seen them in use. 

I took quite a few shots on my journey home on that day, the lighting was beautiful, great clouds in the sky and I had some spare time for a change, so I took my time going home and made the most of it. 

This was shot in raw and I used the Velvia camera calibration in Lightroom to give the colours some punch. 

As you may have seen from my first blog post, I've recently become a father, 5 weeks ago today in fact. Things are starting to settle down and I'm having slightly more time on my hands to work on my photography again, so there's more to come in the coming weeks.