Winning Photos - Boots Children in Need Calendar

Winning Photos - Boots Children in Need Calendar

Each year Boots holds a photography competition to create a fundraising calendar for Children in Need. This year's theme was 'Whatever the Weather' and I'm delighted to tell you that I'll have 2 were selected for this year's calendar! Out of 225 entries, two of my photos made it through to the calendar which will go on sale as part of Boots corporate fundraising for this year's Children in Need appeal. Sadly it won't be available to purchase in stores, but it will be available to buy in Boots Head Office and across other events to be announced.

Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Man I love black and white photography!!!

I love the how monochrome images are stripped back to 3 core things:

  • Shape
  • Form
  • Tone

Colour gets right out of the way. Colour can sometimes be a distraction, your subject might be in be the foreground where you want the viewer to focus, but you've got this bright red object in the background. Guess where the viewers eye goes, well its not on your intended subject, its on the bright red object in the background!

This image isn't quite as extreme as my example above, but colour would definitely distract from the subject. The bright green grass in the foreground, or the lovely blue sky would draw your eyes attention away from the grey columns in my image. 

So why did I take this image?

It's simple - the light!

The low light is casting these columns with beautiful evening sun light on one side and deep shadows on the other. The light gives these columns there shape and form. The fact that they are darker than the sky highlights the columns their tone. It's a simple but beautiful image.

So what's the story:

There are at least a couple of these structures on the beach front in Blackpool! Who would have thought it?!?! Blackpool! I could have taken this in the middle of the day and it would have looked dull, as I've already said, it's the lighting that makes the image. 

I love black and white photography, but it's been one of the few times that I just knew this would be perfect for black and white. I switch the X100s into it's mono setting and just snapped a few frames, I didn't even consider a colour shot, the scene was black and white through and through. 

Of course, I shoot in RAW, so I always have all the pixel information I need, whether that's black and white or colour.  

Enjoy the weekend!


Palmed Light

Palmed Light

Spotted on a recent break in Blackpool, UK.

We recently had some lovely weather, and what do Brits like to do when the weathers nice, we head to the coast of course! We were brave and decided to take advantage of the weather, so we took our 1 month old son for his first trip to the coast and went to Blackpool, the vegas of the north!

While I took plenty of photos of our little one I also kept an eye out for street images, whether that be interesting people or interesting scenes. This was taken in Blackpool's main shopping centre.

Once again, this was taken on the Fuji x100s, which the more I use it, the more I love it! It's small, silent and perfect for wandering the streets. I particularly like it's small form factor, as the wife doesn't moan quite as much as she did when I carried my big DSLR around with me. If I'd taken this image with a DSLR, I may have been stopped by security, but because of the form factor, you blend into the crowd, you're just a tourist with an old looking film camera, harmless.

The X100s now comes with me everywhere I go!

After it's form factor the reason this camera comes with me is because... well it's because its currently my only camera! I sold all my Nikon gear while the second hand market in DSLR's still holds some value.

I'll shortly be adding to my Fuji kit and the X-T1 and a couple of lenses are high on my shopping list! The only problem is the X-T1 and lenses are so sought after they're currently out of stock. Here's hoping it'll be back soon. The X-T1 and the 2 lenses, 10-24mm and 56mm will provide very different photographic opportunities to the X100S, but more on that another day.

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