Creative Newborn Shoot

Newborn sleeping in a model aeroplane with pilot hat. Creatively flying in the sky.

My oldest and closest friend Dom and his partner Danielle recently had a beautiful little boy called Finley. After a short stay in hospital and once they were settled back home, we couldn’t wait to meet their handsome little man.

Well before the birth, Danielle knew she wanted a newborn photoshoot, so she started sourcing props before Finley was even born. A plane and all things Harry Potter were high on her list of items.  

I don’t normally photograph posed set-ups like this, instead specialising in natural documentary photos (something we’ve also arranged to do), so this session gave me a different opportunity to use my photoshop skills to full effect. As you can see with these two main images I had plenty of fun with Finley’s images. Obviously a plane should be flying in the sky, and a baby Harry Potter should be in a great hall.


Finley pretty much slept the whole time we were there so he was really easy to work with for the posed photos. 

After the two set ups were complete, I took more natural photos of Finley sleeping, looking to capture his tiny features. As any parent will tell you, babies don’t stay that small for very long, or sleep as long as that either. It’s these moments that are worth remembering. I can remember a couple of months after our children were born and then seeing a newborn, it becomes a surprise at how small a newborn actually is, a case in point that you quickly forget how tiny and precious they are.  

I know Dom and Danielle love the photos and it was a true pleasure to photograph Finley for them. I’m looking forward to seeing and documenting him growing up over the months and years to come.