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It was a lovely day photographing this late afternoon wedding at Ruddington Country Cottage for Rachael and James in June.

The first time I met Rachel and James together, I asked them what was the most important thing to them about their wedding day, to which they both replied, the ceremony. For them it was all about the ceremony, the getting married bit, sealing their love and commitment to each other in front of their family and friends.  

It was clear this was definitely the case as James arrived super early at St.Mary's church, Clifton Village. I thought I was early arriving over an hour before the service, but James was already there, waiting with his best man Ollie for his guests to arrive. 

Like every bride and groom in the UK, they had one eye constantly on the weather in the days leading up to the wedding. The day started out quite overcast, so there was always a slight chance that it could rain, but we needn't had worried, during the service the sun came out and warm summer sunlight poured into the church, creating some beautiful patches of light, particularly at the back of the church where the children had a space to draw during the service.

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Before hand Rachel was really worried that she might start to cry uncontrollably during the service, fearing being unable to even talk. But from the moment she arrived with her dad Phillip, there was a calm sense about her, even though inside I'm sure her nerves were jangling away. So I was absolutely delighted that she'd end up making it through the happiest day of her life without too many tears. That's not to say that there weren't any tears, there were a few during the service, and a few at the reception as well during the speeches. In fact there were both tears of happiness and tears of laughter during the speeches as father of the bride, and best man Ollie delivered great speeches that clearly resonated with the newly weds.  

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The speeches were conducted at the couples wedding reception venue in Ruddington, The Ruddington Country Cottage, which looked fantastic in the sun. The cottage courtyard was bathed in sun when we arrived, it really brought out the flowering ivy which covered part of the building. In the lovely weather guests enjoyed the beautiful surroundings chatting, joking and generally having an enjoyable time. This provided a great opportunity for me to capture those candid moments I love the most, where people have just having a great time together.

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There were quite a few kids who I think always provide a good source of entertainment at a wedding. 

Reflecting back on Rachael and James' wedding, it certainly fitted the description they gave me when they first met, it was emotional, it was nerve racking at times, but I hope not too nerve racking for the couple, and it was the best day they could have wished for.

Congratulations to Rachael and James, take a look at this video to see a few of my personal highlights.

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