Family Photo Albums

Example of a documentary family photo album from Daryl Porter Photography

We all know that wedding albums are one of your most treasured possession, but what about family albums, do you even own a physical family album?

You invest in a wedding album because it’s a special once in a lifetime event (hopefully) which you'll want to remember forever and pass onto future generations. So why is it worth having albums for family photos, it’s not a one-off special event? 

Every day is different with young children, they grow and develop so quickly. One week they’ll be doing something that is so funny or cute, they’ll do it time and time again, you think these moments will never end, but in a few weeks time it all stops, and those moments are gone forever, you missed it. 

Personally we’re constantly capturing photos of our kids, we don't want to forget how they were 1 month ago let alone a whole year or decade ago. Each year we aim to print an album of the very best images. This can be a lengthy process though and one I wish someone else could do for us each year, although it does bring back some wonderful memories.

If you don't create an album, what happens to your photos? Well normally they get lot on our phones or on hard drives, never to be seen again, how sad is that! So if you don’t already I’d encourage you to create an album of photos each year at the very least to document their lives. 

If you're the photo taker in your house, as you review all the photos taken you'll notice that you're hardly in any of them! This can be a huge miss not only for you, but for the rest of your family as well. As you're capturing them, no one's photographing you! At the extremes it can be like you don't even exist in the family. This is when you need to hire a photographer to capture the whole family together, seeing everyone interacting together and having fun.

A family documentary photo shoot doesn't have to be for a special occassion, in fact I think they're possibily better if they're of everyday life. The normal moments that happen day to day, the real, unscripted moments are the best. 

This way the whole family can revisit that photo album again and again to remember what life was like before everyone changed, grew-up or grew old (I don't want to get old)!

So in decades time you'll want to make sure those precious family photo albums are still standing. I provide quality albums that will last the test of time, the pages aren't like pages of a newspaper or glossy magazine, these are thick, almost hardback pages that won't rip as soon as a pair of small hands gets old of them; no, these are beautiful albums that are built to last. 

You also have a variety of cover options available, from eco-leather and textile in a wide rangle of colours, right through to having a windowed image of the front or text that describes when and where the photographs were taken; there are literally hundreds of options available to you. You can even have a personalised box to keep the album itself nice and safe.

If you really want to have genuine memories of the whole family together that will stand the test of time, then we should have a chat. You can schedule a non-saley consultation call using the button below. 

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon,