Day in the Life Moments - Rice Crispy Cakes

Bank holidays are for spending quality time with friends and family, so I just had to document what we got up to. We kicked off our quality family time together by making chocolate rice crispy cakes, with a special ingredient, marshmallows, yum yum!

The night before Claire mentioned to the kids that we could bake some cakes tomorrow if they'd liked, which they were very keen to do. Offered with a variety of cake choices they landed on chocolate rice crispy cakes, which was a result as we already had all the ingredients in the house, so no trip to the shop required 😌

Our kids don't seem to forget much, so pretty much first thing the following day the kids were keen to start 'baking', so once we'd eaten breakfast and got dressed they were straight to work.

Melting chocolate, mixing the rice crispy's and dishing them up into cake cases, from start to finish only took 35 minutes, 35 minutes of fun and chocolatey mess. 

Of course, Isabelle got in a bit of a chocolate mess, but no where near as messy as I was expecting. As you can see by Isabelle's face, she decided to paint it like she was Rambo about to go into the jungle. It's only like that because she tried to pick some chocolate rice crispy pieces up off the table and missed her mouth, smearing chocolate across her cheeks.  

The kids both really enjoyed themselves, they made loads of cakes between them, in fact we've still got quite a few cakes left and now Easter has come and gone we have even more chocolate 🍫 in the house to get through. They haven't even finished their Christmas chocolate yet!!! I think I'll need to step up and help the kids out, we can't let it go to waste now can we 😋?  

The whole 'baking' process may have only taken 35 minutes from start to finish, but it's little moments like this that I want to look back on with fondness, and I'm sure when the kids are both older, they'll be grateful that we've got these memories as well.

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Thanks, Daryl