Unposed Family Photography

Documentary family portrait photography in Nottingham - toddler looking up sharing a ball to play with in black and white

Documentary family photography is all about capturing everyday life in a natural unposed way. There aren't many photographers in Nottingham that photograph families in an unposed way, most have families in front of a white background and ask them to pose in a way that is anything but natural.

Most parents want to have family photos to remember what their family looks like right now, I take this one step further and capture photos of what your family life is like right now, not just what you look like.

I capture the way the kids play with their favourite toys, the way they dress, the mealtime routines, the trip to the parks and all the things that show how life really is. 

Imagine in 5, 10, 15, 20 years time when you’re looking at family photos with your kids (grown up kids), what’s going to mean more to them and you, the posed photos in front of a white background or the natural unposed photos of your family together going about your daily lives, seeing their old favourite toy, the furniture that you had back then and most of all, you interacting together as a family like you did all the time back then?

Check out this video slideshow that shows just a 2 hours slice of life for this wonderful family, featuring 1 year old Isla. Isla wasn't quite walking at the time of the photoshoot, instead she liked to travel round on her bum. These images capture the way life was back then, the way she got around and the tea parties she loved to have. It also shows how much she loved a good book with both mum and dad. 

I personally love her little expressions and the way she wanted to include me in playtime which was so sweet.

Isla's now walking, so these photos will never be captured again, but the family will always be able to remember their little lady before she began to walk. 

So I'd encourage you to document your family before things change forever. To help you do this I've created a free guide which you can download today, just click the link below:

Alternatively, if you want to be in the photos with your family, head over to my Family page and learn how I document you with your family.

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