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Documenting Helen and Andrew’s wedding at Morley Hayes, Derbyshire

Sneak Peek | Helen & Andrew

Many congratulation to Helen and Andrew, who had a wonderful wedding at Morley Hayes, Derbyshire on Sunday!

Both Helen and Andrew are larger than life characters, who thoroughly enjoyed their wedding day that was full of little surprises.  

For example, Helen’s dad didn’t know about the beautiful VW camper van that would be taking them to the ceremony, a vehicle her dad loves to bits.

Andrew didn’t know that guests were asked to wear pins of their favourite football team, there were lots of Leicester City, Derby County and a few (me included) Nottingham Forest fans, so there was plenty of football banter during the day. Andrew received his Leicester City pin just before the ceremony.

Then there was the fantastic magician, who no one knew about, except a very select few, to the great amusement of the bride, groom and myself when Helen’s sister Sarah desperately tried to find out who he was and what he was doing there when he arrived.

I personally had a great day, I’m very thankful to be working with a great couple and their wonderful guests.

Here are some of my personal favourite photos from the day.

So, how did I do as Helen & Andrew's Morley Hayes Wedding Photographer?

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