Best of 2017 - Overall Top 10

Happy new year everyone! I hope you enjoyed yourselves last night! Welcome to 2018, I hope it's full of wonderful things for you and your family.

Now you've seen my top 10 street, personal and family photos it's now time for my overall top 10 of 2017. If you want to see more top 10's click here: Street PhotographyPersonal Photography, Family Photography.

Let me tell you more about each image

Documentary family photo of a girl toddler bursting bubbles on a sunny day, wearing a bright dress.

1: Bursting Bubbles

Isabelle has changed so much over the last year, this image reminds me just how much she's changed, from a girl who was crawling around at the beginning of the year as a baby to a toddler exploring the world. She loves bubbles, chasing them and bursting them. I love this shot as it shows her enjoying herself on a bright summer's day.

Day in the life photography of a young boy enjoying playing dominos with his great grandma in her house. Taken in black and white.

2: Generational Fun

I just couldn't leave this one out of my top 10, it fits so many points that I love to capture. It's a documentary family photo which shows authentic emotion as its happening, it shows context of her living room (something that we'll want to remember in future years) and it captures a memory of Ethan with his great grandma which is just invaluable to us.

Domino's is viewed as a bit of an older person's game, but package it up with Thomas the Tank Engine and you reintroduce the game to young audience. It's great to see them both playing and enjoying a game together.

Family photography of Isla passing a ball looking up directly at the camera. Taken in Nottingham in black and white.

3: Take a ball

This is Isla who I photographed during a recent family documentary photo shoot. Isla makes sure you have a cup during her tea party and she also makes sure everyone has a ball to play with whether you're working or not. I love this shot as she's looking up at me handing me the ball. There's lovely window light coming through softly lighting her face.  If you'd like me to capture you and your family then you can learn more about my documentary family photography here. Keep a look out on the blog for more photos from this documentary family photography session.

Boy upside down with his mother laughing on a sunny day

4: Upside Down Fun

This image is a special one for me, to capture Ethan really enjoying himself over that wonderful weekend. Over a rare warm and sunny bank holiday weekend we spent a lot of time outside enjoying ourselves, this image of Ethan upside down with Claire captures that feeling of fun perfectly. You can see more images from that bank holiday weekend here.

Professors Bike


One of the great street shots I took in Cambridge early in the year. I love the silhouette of an older gentleman walking towards the gate pushing his bike. I like to think that he's a professor making his way to another lecture or off home. If you've ever been to Cambridge you'll know that a lot of people ride bicycles to get around as the place is pretty flat. I took a series of shots as he walked towards me. There's a couple of shots that worked really well, but this is my favourite. 



The second and final street image that made it into my overall top 10 of 2017.  This photo was taken in my neighbouring city of Derby. Inside the Derby indoor market  there are several shops and a coffee shops that overlook the market stalls. I like that he's reaching for his coffee mug, almost in silhouette with the reflections of the lights in the window.

Sherwood Pines


Who knows when you'll capture I great image like this. This image was taken in Sherwood Pines in Nottinghamshire, we'd taken the kids to travel along the Gruffalo trail, I had my camera at the ready to take photos of the kids enjoying themselves, but as I walked along the path I saw this scene, I stopped for some reason, my photography senses telling me there was a photo to be had. I turned took a few frames and then caught up with the rest of the family. It was only when I got the photos off the camera when I realised what made me stop and take the photo. It was the patches of light coming through the trees and the path that leads you into the image and through the woods. I entered this image into the Boots Children in Need Photo competition this year and it made it into the calendar, you can read more about that here.

Ballet Jump


I've put a lot of time and effort into getting this image right, it's definitely one of the most creative images I produced in 2017. It was taken in Studio 3 by Severn in Long Eaton. Ballet dancer Bethan Smith was the model for the evenings ballet shoot at Dave's studio. Bethan was fantastic to work with, we took plenty of jumping shots and several on point photos, but I like this one the best and have spent quite some time playing about with it in photoshop to create the various effects.

Out to Sea


A 2 minute long exposure taken on Blackpool beach after sunset. I think I used a 3 stop ND filter to smooth out the ripples in the water as the wind blew. They don't call it the blue hour for the fun of it, the sky actually turned blue to create this wonderful atmosphere. I've done a little bit of photoshop work to this image, removing the first 2 pillars closest to the camera to allow more space to allow the eye to be pulled into the image. Of course I could have moved further back to achieve the same affect, but the water didn't come down that far. After getting 2 of my images into the Boots Children in Need Calendar I won 2 canvas prints and I actually had this and the next image put on canvas to display in my home. 

Mary's Shell


Finally wrapping up 2017 Mary's Shell perhaps my favourite photos of the yea. It was taken at Cleveleys, just up the coast from Blackpool. It's an art installation called Mary's Shell and is a permanent icon on the beach. I was lucky to get a lovely sunset followed by some gorgeous pastel colours once the sun had gone down. Lighting can be pretty tricky, getting detail in both the shadows and highlights. To get this I bracketed several images together into HDR image. 


Thank you for reading and looking at my images, if you missed my top 10's from my street, personal or family photography you can still see them here: Street PhotographyPersonal Photography, Family Photography.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2018! I certainly hope it will be another great year for my photography. Finally if you have a young family and want beautiful photos of you all together, capturing the joy of this time in your lives then I can help, take a look at what I can offer you here. Look out for offers coming up in 2018 by subscribing to my email list.