Winning Photos - Boots Children in Need Calendar

Each year Boots holds a photography competition to create a fundraising calendar for Children in Need. This year's theme was 'Whatever the Weather' and I'm delighted to tell you that I'll have 2 were selected for this year's calendar! Out of 225 entries, two of my photos made it through to the calendar which will go on sale as part of Boots corporate fundraising for this year's Children in Need appeal. Sadly it won't be available to purchase in stores, but it will be available to buy in Boots Head Office and across other events to be announced.

I believe my Sherwood Pines photo (above) will be the month of April and Mary's Shell (below)will be June.

Here's a little bit about each photo:

I took this photo on a recently family trip to Sherwood Pines over the Bank Holiday Weekend, you can read that blog post here. As we were walking through the woods trying to find the Gruffalo plaques along the Gruffalo trail this scene caused me to stop in my tracks and take a photo. There are times as a photographer when you see things and you instantly know you've seen something, there's a photo to be made, sometimes it's not always obvious at first, but your photography senses start to tingle and you just have to stop and take a shot (or several). On this occasion once I'd stopped I saw the patches of light coming through the woodland, lighting a small path and patch of light a few meters ahead of me, it was these elements that made the difference between a bland photo and something a little special. 


I photographed Mary's Shell in Cleveleys, just up the coast from Blackpool in June this year while on a family break. I went up for sunset which was at about 8pm, spent a good couple of hours photographing the shell from different positions and under different light as the sun set. This shot was just as the sun was about to set. I love the contrast between the warm orange and the sea blue tones.

As we get closer to Children in Need in November, I'll let you know where else they might be sold and how much they raise.