Bank Holiday Weekend


Two weeks ago we enjoyed one of the worlds rarest events, no it wasn't the solar eclipse over the USA, it was actually that the UK bank holiday weekend was warm and sunny ☀️, great conditions to get out and document family life.

During the week leading up to the weekend my wife asked me what we were going to do over the weekend, to which I replied, I don't know, the weather's bound to be rubbish, so probably something indoors. I then checked the BBC Weather app and to my utter amazement it was meant to be nice. Still despite it saying so I still had my doubts, years of being let down by the weather man has taken its toll on all of us, but he came through and actually delivered the goods. 

On the Saturday we were invited to spend the day in Warwick with the in-laws. We went to St. Nicholas Park just down from the castle. Having not researched the park, I was just expecting a nice park that we could sit down, enjoy a picnic and play with the kids. But the park has so much more than that, there was a good kids park with swing, slides etc, a cafe, 2 mini golf courses and the best bit a permanent fun fair. As you'll be able to see from the photos everyone had a great time.

Following that beautiful day we spent a lovely Sunday at home in the garden. Our little ones love bubbles, creating them, chasing them, you name it they can't get enough of them. Believe it or not I'd actually cut the grass the week before, don't judge me. 

Sunday morning is an early start in our household, we take both of the kids swimming, where they both have lessons back to back. Good friends Laura and Ian take their daughter Isla at the same time, our daughters are in the same lesson. Laura invited us to out to Sherwood Pines on the Sunday to explore the Gruffalo trail and have a picnic. Sherwood Pines was very busy, loads of families enjoying the bank holiday Monday, taking a stroll or going for a bike ride through the woods. We embarked on our adventure to find all the Gruffalo plaques, admittedly we took a few wrong turns, found the last one first, got the middle ones in totally the wrong order, but we had fun nonetheless. 

After our adventure we enjoyed our second picnic of the long weekend, swiftly followed by fun and games (more bubbles), plus story time with Ian.

I hope you enjoy the photos. If you'd love to have natural photos of you and your family then I'm looking for families just like you to document for my portfolio, keep a look out on social media for a free documentary family photoshoot soon.