5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Wedding Album

Daryl Porter Photography Wedding Album

I really believe that all couples should have their wedding photos displayed in a wedding album.

After your big day is over, your guests have gone home and you've returned from your honeymoon, you can't wait to see the photos from your wedding day! You'll probably see your photos digitally first, don't let that be the only way you experience your precious images. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should have a wedding album:

1) Storytelling 

A beautiful wedding album doesn't just have a random arrangement of images from your wedding day, it not only documents your wedding day but it will tell countless stories that occurred throughout. A documentary wedding photographer will capture and tell the story of your wedding day from the perspective of not only yourself but of your family and friends as well, capturing the whole range of emotions from start to finish. The photos will then be carefully selected and arranged to tell the story of your wedding in the best way. This can't be achieved in the same way as a slideshow on a computer, the arrangement of the photos on each page can really bring the stories to life.

2) Memories

Once your honeymoon's complete and you return back to everyday life, you'll look back on your wedding day with fond memories, but with the passing of time, these memories will become fuzzy and more difficult to recall with the same clarity as before. This is where the beauty of the wedding album helps. Seeing your wedding photos printed on the page will help solidify those memories forever, keeping them alive year after year.


3) Technology Fails / Changes

Technology is always changing and evolving. When was the last time you loaded a floppy disk of photos into your computer? Well, I last did that in 2002, I last used a DVD on a computer about 4 or 5 years ago. You get my point that technology is constantly changing, so just imagine if your wedding photos had been given to you on a floppy disk and you wanted to look at them. You'd first need to buy a separate floppy disk drive, then hope that the files on it were still readable on your modern computer. 

But what's more likely is that those photos no longer load, floppy disks, DVD's, hard drives all fail, it's just a matter of time. Imagine wanting to show your children your wedding day and you come to load the photos from the special hard drive/USB key and it no longer works. If you had a physical wedding album you'd simply go to the bookcase or under the coffee table and take it out of its beautiful box and show off your amazing day, reliving all the emotions as you do.

4) Touch

There's nothing like the feeling of a physical wedding album. The feel of the soft cover that your photographer helped you chose. The turning of the each page revealing another chapter of your wedding day. Just knowing that your wedding album is there to pick up and look through at any time instead of your precious photos living in cyber space or on a hard drive is so comforting. 

5) Heirloom

A wedding album is a family heirloom, it can be handed down from generation to generation. Can you remember seeing your parents wedding photos for the first time? The wonder and amazement of your parents looking quite a bit younger and then hearing the stories of their special day.

Now imagine having that same conversation with your children, grandchildren or even great grandchildren. You'll able show them your wedding day, your dress, the cake, talking them through what happened, how beautiful and handsome everyone looked, you'll be able to relive your big day and take your children on the journey with with.

That's 5 great reasons why you should have a wedding album. I encourage you to choose your wedding photographer wisely, only chose someone who will offer you a wedding album either as part of their collection or as a separate purchase because believe me, you don't want the hassle of finding a great album company and trying to find the time to put it all together yourself. Find a wedding photographer that will save you the time and stress and offer it as part of their service to you. 

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