Smash the Cake - Isabelle's 1st Birthday

First birthday Smash the Cake photo shoot, girl eating cake with big smile on her face

Isabelle definitely enjoyed her smash the cake photo shoot for her first birthday a few weeks ago! 

As you can tell from the photos Isabelle takes after her mummy for her love of chocolate. I was really surprised that she didn't just go crazy and start grabbing and smashing the cake in any big way, but she did grab a few good chunks and stuff her face.

I photographed a smash the cake session for Ethan our son when he turned 1, so there was no question that I had to do the same for Isabelle's first birthday as well.

We planned ahead as we knew the shoot was a two person job, myself behind the camera and Claire to handle Isabelle, we simply couldn't cope with Ethan being around as well so he went to his Auntie's for a day of fun and laughter.

It's usually the case that when you put a one-year-old in front of a big cake, at first they have no idea what they're meant to do. As parents, we're constantly telling them not to touch something or to leave something alone. So it really shouldn't be a surprise to us when our little one's look at us as if to say "can I really touch this?". 

But once they get over this and see the encouragement given, they soon get into it.  There's usually no stopping them once they start, only the size of the yummies limits their enjoyment.  

After the shoot, the plan was to get Isabelle straight into the bath, but as the water was running it quickly became apparent that we had no hot water!!! Nightmare situation! Thankfully Isabelle wasn't too dirty, a change of clothes and plenty of wipes quickly cleaned her up. 

 If you'd like a smash the cake photo shoot for your soon to be 1 year old, then head over to family portraits page or go straight to the contact page to check my availability.