Best of 2017 - Part 3 - Family

It's that time of year again when we all look back on the year and pick out the good bad and the ugly bits. As a photographer it's a great exercise to review your images and choose your top 10 photos from the year. 

When I do this I break it down into different genre's of photography, this year I've broken it down into 3 categories: Street photography, Personal, and Family. After I've done that I'll then choose my overall top 10 of the year.

Today is part 3 in my series of best of 2017, looking at Family photography. Mostly my own family, but there are a couple from a recent documentary family portrait session that I've done. Documentary family photography sessions are an amazing opportunity to capture what life like right now, they provide you with a unique opportunity to save and remember family life as is before it changes forever. If you missed part 1 on Street Photography click here  and you can see part 2 on my Personal work here.

Tell me which photo's you'd pick to put into my overall top 10 (by the way I've already decided my overall 10, they're locked and loaded). 

Let me tell you more about each image


1: Bobble

Totally engrossed in watching the TV on the floor while she plays with her hair bobble. I'm a fan of black and white photography and this image really shows what I love about it, beautiful soft light on Isabelle's face without distracting colour which takes you away from the gorgeous catch lights in her eyes. 


2: Bursting Bubbles

Another photo of Isabelle as she's growing up walking/running around chasing bubbles during a bright summer's day. This image just reminds me of how much she's changed this year, from a girl who was crawling around at the beginning of the year as a baby to a toddler exploring the world. 


3:Generational Fun

I love this documentary shot of Ethan playing domino's with his great-grandma. Domino's is viewed as a bit of an older person's game, but package it up with Thomas the Tank Engine and you reintroduce the game to young audience. It's great to see them both playing and enjoying a game together.


4: Take a ball

This is Isla who I photographed during a recent family documentary photo shoot. Isla makes sure you have a cup during her tea party and she also makes sure everyone has a ball to play with whether you're working or not. I love this shot as she's looking up at me handing me the ball. There's lovely window light coming through softly lighting her face.  If you'd like me to capture you and your family then you can learn more about my documentary family photography here.


5: Photo Sharing across Generations

This is a nice record shot of 3 generations of family sitting together enjoying recent family photos being shown on an iPad. Thelma lives on the Isle of Wight so whenever we see each other we go through the latest family photos for her to see and choose some to get printed. Printing photos is really important, a photo doesn't truly exist until it's printed, something tangible to have and hold or display on your wall. We actually made photo albums as gifts for family this Christmas, documenting the kids as they're growing up. It went down very well and it'll be something they can treasure for years to come.


6: Slide Fun

I just had to include this image of Isla after she'd slid down the slide, her reaction was fantastic. Keep a look out for more photos from Isla's documentary family shoot on the blog and website soon. 


7:Isabelle Smash the Cake

Isabelle's smash the cake photo shoot provided us with lots of fun images of her destroying and eating cake. I did the shoot for Isabelle when she turned 1 year old in January, you can see more on the blog post here. I particularly like this image as it shows us a little glimpse into her developing personality and the fun we had doing the shoot. 


8: Swings

Both of our kids really enjoy going on the swings and this image perfectly shows Isabelle's excitement.


9: Upside Down Fun

Over a rare warm and sunny bank holiday weekend we spent a lot of time outside enjoying ourselves, this image of Ethan upside down with Claire captures that feeling of fun perfectly. You can see more images from that bank holiday weekend here.


10:Christmas Presents

A late entry into the top 10 family shots of 2017 is this image of Ethan opening his Christmas presents at his Grandma and Grandads house. I love the look of anticipation on his face as he finds out what's inside his present. I also really like the soft window light on his face and that shallow depth of field created by the beautiful Fuji 56mm lens. Every time I use it I love the results and this image serves as a reminder to me to use it more into 2018.


Thanks for reading this post, don't forget to leave a comment here or in Facebook telling me which images you think will make it into my overall top 10 of 2017. I'll be revealing my overall top 10 in tomorrow's blog post.