Best of 2017 - Part 1 - Street

It's that time of year again when we all look back on the year and pick out the good, the bad and the ugly bits. As a photographer it's a great exercise to review your images and choose your top 10 photos from the year. 

When I do this I break it down into different genre's of photography, this year I've broken it down into 3 categories: Street photography, Personal, and Family. Once I've done that I'll then choose my overall top 10 of the year, so over the next 3 days I want to share these images with you, starting off today with my top 10 Street photos of the year. 

Tell me which photo's you'd pick to put into my overall top 10 (by the way I've already decided my overall 10, they're locked and loaded). 

Let me tell you a little bit about each image:

1711__Nottingham Nov_DPX26657.jpg

1: White Fur on Black

This shot was taken in Nottingham in November, I had to react pretty fast to capture this as I'd just walked round the corner and saw this lady walking towards me, I stepped to the left to get her against the black shop front.

Timing is key when capturing people on the street and this one just works for me, capturing the contrast between the coat and wall as she is mid-step walking towards me.

1703__Cambridge _DPX22113.jpg

2: Shapes and Clouds

Taken in Cambridge in one of the collages, I photographed this building for a little while, there was hardly anyone around at the time. I was actually on the steps to the right of this photo as I saw the guy walking along the top, so I quickly got down and knew I wanted to take the photo when he was directly between the two trees.

1711__Nottingham Nov_DPX26624.jpg

3: Cold Silhouette 

After taking my car in for a service early one cold morning I headed off into Nottingham to do a spot of street photography. The light was lovely and was coming down this street. I probably stood there for 20 minutes photographing different people cross the crossing, as you can imagine I had quite a few images to pick from, but this one has become my favourite, capturing the man walking across with the coldness of his breath visible to see.


4: Jogging Break

Taken during a beautiful sunset, I saw this jogger taking a little break looking at his phone. I saw him from a distance away and quickly moved closer to get the photo, all the time hoping he wouldn't move. I've processed this in both black and white and colour, I love both versions, but there's something about the colour version I prefer, it's probably the golden colour of sunset.


5: Sunset Map

Another sunset image in Edinburgh. I particularly like the contrast of one person shielding their eyes from the sun and the other looking directly out the window with the sun lighting up her face.


6: Sun and Umbrellas 

I love the layers of umbrellas in this photo and the lady in the pink coat looking directly towards the sun as she waits for someone. It was quite difficult to capture her alone, in fact if you look closely there are 2 people in this image, but one is hidden behind an umbrella. 

1703__Cambridge _DPX22006.jpg

7: Punting

Obviously this was taken in Cambridge. I tend to stick to my Fuji 23mm lens for street photography, but on this occasion I also had my Fuji 50-140mm lens in my bag which proved to be very helpful capturing people as they took a punting ride. 

1703__Cambridge _DPX22079.jpg

8: One Handed

Also in Cambridge and another shot where I needed to react fast to get the shot as I walked around a corner. I find the bike fascinating as it only has one break leaver, the other is totally missing. The bike might be designed this way to allow for both breaks to be operated from one leaver, leaving the other hand free to carry things like this guy is doing. I'd love to know more, so if this is a thing in Cambridge please let me know.

1703__Cambridge _DPX22076.jpg

9: Professors bike

Another shot from Cambridge, I've just realised how many shots have come from a short trip there this year. I love the silhouette of an older gentleman walking towards the gate pushing his bike. I like to think that he's a professor making his way to another lecture or off home. If you've ever been to Cambridge you'll know that a lot of people ride bicycles to get around as the place is pretty flat.


10: Coffee Break

Finally this photo was taken in my neighbouring city of Derby. Inside the Derby indoor market  there are several shops and a coffee shops that overlook the market stalls. I like that he's reaching for his coffee mug, almost in silhouette with the reflections of the lights in the window.


Thanks for reading this post, don't forget to leave a comment here or in Facebook telling me which images you think will make it into my overall top 10 of 2017.