Meet Pepsi - The Jack Russell

Jack Russell close up with a wide lens distorting the muzzle in black and white  

Pepsi is a black, white and tan Jack Russell (and also a drink) who really seemed to enjoy having her photo taken. She's got so much character, especially with her left ear which always wanted to stand up tall! 

Pepsi is 12 years old now and is starting to go grey on her muzzle, but she wears the look so well. In fact I love her markings, it looks like she's wearing a nice black coat around her tanned body with some white paws for strolling around town. 

The day of the photo shoot was probably one of the hottest days of the year, it was boiling. Diane and Simon her owners had thought about doing the shoot in the conservatory until the warm weather came, thankfully there was room in the living room to set up, they even had a fan which was fantastic.

The fan certainly helped to cool me and Pepsi down, without it we could have had lots of panting photos of Pepsi.

When it comes to photographing Jack Russell's so far, they've all been full of beans, this wasn't the case with Pepsi, maybe it was the warm weather or maybe it's her age, but she was a real pleasure to photograph. She was so well behaved that we even had time to try a couple of different backgrounds, using both white and black to see the different looks we could achieve. 

I'm super happy with the images and so are Diane and Simon who were a pleasure to meet. 

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Black white and tanned Jack Russell on back legs begging with 1 paw up with white background in colour
Black white and tanned Jack Russell on back legs begging with black background in colour