Jack and Poppy - two peas in a pod

Jack - Jack Russell Chihuahua, Jack Chi, white sat down facing forward against a black background.
Jack Russell cross sat down facing forward moulting on a black background

The moment I arrived to take their photograph, they were in the window waiting, they appeared to be cats, was I at the wrong house? I checked, nope, I’m at the right place, so I got out of the car, then there was no mistaking them for cats anymore as they barked away.

I later learned that Jack sits looking out of the front window most of the day, like a little patrol dog. As someone walks by, he’ll bark and Poppy will immediately join in. 

Jack is a Chihuahua Jack Russell cross, a Jack Chi, and Poppy is a Jack Russell with something, but we aren't quite sure what though. Poppy is 10 years old while Jack is 5. 

We had to rearrange the original date of the photo shoot because both dogs had to have blood tests which meant they had little shaved patches on their legs and neck. After 3 weeks enough fur had grown back, so much so that you'd never be able to tell.

Once I'd arrived and was invited in, I was greeted with this amazing sign in the hallway, it reads ‘Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog’. Little did I know how applicable the sign would be on my visits. 

Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog

Once I was set up, Jack took a break from his window patrol to have his photograph taken, he immediately started to show off by standing on his back legs. He’s a very good looking Jack Chi and I think he know it too.

Nina, the dogs owner told me that both dogs have their favourite toys; Jack has a little ball that despite how old and battered it is, he just loves it too much and will always be his preferred toy even if a new ball is introduced. Poppy, on the other hand, has a little cat teddy which has lasted, wait for it... 10 years!!! It’s still in very good condition as well, that has to be some kind of record! 

After Jack had finished posing he was eager to get back to his post at the window, it was Poppy’s turn. 

After a few minute of photographing her, it was clear to see who that sign in the hallway most applied to. Poppy was moulting away leaving little white hairs all over the black backdrop. I immediately knew some photoshop work would be needed to remove all the white hairs that had fallen to the floor.

Finally we tried the ultimate challenge, photographing both dog together. These are always challenging and Jack and Poppy were no exception, however, we did manage to pull off a few shots of them together. 

Needless to say I had a lovely time photographing Jack and Poppy, they’re such little characters, so thank you both very much, and thank you to Nina for the opportunity to photograph your two little fur balls.

Jack -  White Jack Russell Chihuahua, Jack Chi profile photo of face looking up in black and white.
Poppy - Jack Russell cross side on profile photo looking up in black and white