Meet Pepper the Labradoodle

Pepper - black Labradoodle face on a light grey background  

Pepper is a lovely 10 month old Labradoodle, with beautiful black fur. Unlike some Labradoodle's Pepper has straight hair, not curly.

We scheduled the photo shoot for after she'd had a hair cut to photograph her at her best. After the initial fussing when I arrived Pepper quickly settled, sat back and observed me setting up. Pepper loved having her photo taken, staying nicely on the backdrop for me to capture. The only time she didn't quite play ball (pun intended) was when we tried to get her to jump, but even then she did really well and we came away with some great images!

Pepper is so dark, she's black from head to paw, she has dark eyes as well, it would have made virtually no difference in the images being in colour or black and white, so naturally I decided to shoot in my favoured black and white setting in camera, the results were amazing.

****Photography geekiness warning****

The beauty of digital cameras these days, whatever settings I use in camera I always have the full RAW files which contain all the available information to edit when I import the files to my computer. All the colour data is saved, so even though I may select black and white during the photo shoot, I still have the ability to show the images in colour on the computer.

Having said that though,the JPEG files that come straight out of the Fuji XT-1 are so good straight out of camera, I tend to prefer to work on these files first and go to the RAW if needed.

****Photography geekiness over****

 One of main issues clients tell me about when I go to photograph their dogs, especially if they're black/dark or white dogs, is that they really struggling to take their own photos on the own cameras/phones. Their results either end up being washed out (overly bright), or really dark and often a bit of a blurry mess. This is a real shame, but this is where I can really make the difference using flash and good technique so you can have beautiful images of your dog to treasure for years to come.

Pepper - black Labradoodle laying down facing front on grey background