Meet Lola - Chihuahua Jack Russell Cross or Jack Chi For Short

Chihuahua Cross Jack Russell (Jack Chi) close up face dog portrait in black and white with body 

This is Lola, she's a cute tanned Chihuahua cross Jack Russell or what is more fashionably known as a Jack Chi. Lola's 3 years old and she's been given a lovely home with Lisa her owner after she was spotted in a rescue centre.

Lola and Lisa are pretty much inseparable with Lisa describing her as her shadow and while I've been there that's certainly the case. Lola is very affectionate, I was given plenty of kisses while I was there, it must be something to do with those treats. Lisa did warn me that Lola likes to give you a big sloppy kiss on the lips and even in your mouth if she can, so be on my guard. I luckily dodged a couple of tongue licking attempts, keeping the kisses mainly to my hands.

Lola loves kids, fuzzy toys, cuddles (belly and chest rubs) and treats, especially cheese and spinach which I thought was quite funny for a dog.

The photoshoot itself went really well, as well as liking cheese and spinach Lola loved some toast as her treats. I wouldn't describe Lola as being the most obedient dog in the world, but we all worked together, toast in hand to coax Lola into position and perform.

Lola’s photo shoot was the first free dog portrait session following the successful advert that I placed on Facebook. I couldn’t believe the response I had, it was fantastic. I just loved how people were sharing photos of their dogs and sharing little bits of information about them. You also had people commenting on how cute they thought other people’s dogs were, it was great! You may think that that was a while ago now, as it was nearly a month ago, but I believe it’s really important that the first people to see the final images should be the owner or the person booking the portrait. Only after they’ve seen the final images will I share with the world.

Thanks again to Lisa and Lola!


Chihuahua cross Jack Russell (Jack Chi) head and shoulder dog portrait in black and white with Lola looking up from the camera.