Chester - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portrait

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel black and white portrait of Chester's face

Chester is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he was unbelievably well behaved during our dog portrait photo shoot. He needed very little coaxing with treats or toys, he responded excellently to commands and was basically a little superstar!

That doesn't mean that he just sat or lay still during the whole time, he would have a little wonder around, have a good sniff of the photography equipment that had suddenly sprung up in his living room, he'd also go and have a little play with his toy duck which got plenty of attention during breaks. 

Chester might look familiar to anyone that saw the recent behind the scenes video we did, documenting what a studio style dog portrait looks like. In that video you’ll see that Chester liked to have a little roll around and wouldn’t always stay in the best position for a photograph, but that’s all part of the fun.

I work with Lisa, Chester’s owner in my day job, she knew that myself and Paolo, who filmed the video for me, were coming round (obviously) and she even made us some amazing sausage cobs, pretty much as soon as we arrived. I think Chester even came out with a bit to eat too, so a result all round.

I didn’t have the heart to tell Lisa that Paolo and I had not long had a McDonalds breakfast on our way that morning, well I couldn’t let Paolo work on an empty stomach, and well, we couldn’t resist a second breakfast either! It’s safe to say that we didn’t work on an empty stomach that day, in fact I think I skipped lunch!

Lisa’s daughter Holly was present for the photo shoot as well, she loved getting involved and seeing the images pop up on the back of my camera, swiftly followed by ooh’s, aww’s and “I love that one”. 

Thank you once again to Lisa, Holly and the little super star Chester, I had a great time and I’m delighted you’ll be displaying those images on your wall for you, your friends and family to view and treasure for years to come.