Elvis and Bella

Elvis is a white Westie and Bella, well Bella is a bit crazy, she's a Jack Russell/Parson terrier with a bit of greyhound in her, which means she's constantly full of energy! 

Bella is so full of energy that her owners Sam and Steve were convinced that I'd struggle to get any half decent photos of her. Of course they needn't have worried, we had loads of cracking shots! 

I've pulled a few images out as my favourites from the session and I'll briefly go through what I love about them.

The top images of Bella was a rare moment when she'd settled down and offered her paw for a treat. I love the lighting on her face, her 'pose' and the perfect catch light in her eye. 

I  also love close up portraits and this photo of Elvis is so full of character. Obviously white dogs are particularly suited to monochrome treatment, and this image is no exception, it's beautiful. 

But it's not all still photos, we also tried our hand at some jumping shots. We did this for both Elvis and Bella, with Elvis jumping for a treat and Bella catching a ball. This photo of Elvis just makes me smile every time I see it, I love how his fur flys out from his body. 

Another close up portrait of Elvis, for this I get in real close, his nose is almost touching the lens.

My final favourite was of both Elvis and Bella together, both facing forward while they were looking at Sam. This was the only time this happened, so I'm particularly pleased to have captured it. I'm also delighted that Sam and Steve chose this photo to be the centre image for their piece of wall art. 

This was my first double dog portrait shoot and it was a lot of fun, they were both full of energy that certainly kept me on my toes. Thanks again to Sam and Steve and their incredible dogs Elvis and Bella!