Life and Photography

Ethan and Isabelle at my sister's wedding, bridesmaid and page boy at Ruddington Golf Course, Nottingham 

Wow what a busy month it's been. The Porter household has returned to a fully functioning transport system for our two children.

Me and Claire are both back at work full time, which has meant the kids are back into the routine of grandparents and child minder child care while we're doing our 'day jobs'. 

They're growing up fast, Isabelle is not so little anymore, she's on the verg of crawling, which makes me worried and happy in equal measure. She grabs everything she can get her hands on as it is, once she's even more mobile, nothing, I repeat, nothing will be safe. But for those parents out there reading this, there is nothing like the feeling when your little ones develop and achieve new things. 

 The same can be said for Ethan, his memory, speech, counting and general rate of mental development astounds me everyday. He's such a little cheeky chap as well, which makes life all the more entertaining! 

So, we're both back at work, ferrying the kids around during the day and trying to find time for our work in the evenings, plus family time and time for each other. It's a challenge to say the least.

On the photography front, Beeston camera club has started its new season which is good, I enjoy getting together with fellow photographers, listening to different speakers tell us all about their photos or different techniques. It also gives me a chance to get critique on images, although club photography has its own set of 'rules' and standards that not everyone cares for or appreciates. Images loved by people for the emotion or the capturing that exact moment might not stand up to club competition for variously reasons, maybe I'll write a blog post on that some day. 

It takes time to learn what type of photos are 'club competition photos', but after several years, you start to get an idea. That doesn't mean to say that other photos are bad, it just means that there are different sets of criteria that club photography holds.  

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what's going on with me and my family, here's a little sneak peak of photo shoots I'll be sharing over the coming weeks. 



Mini Daxie dog portrait in black and white
Baby Isla smiling in black and white
Pugsley the Pug dog portrait
Ted the Mexican Hairless dog portrait - Ruffles Dog Daycare Centre Nottingham